22-year-old Benjamin Johnson is facing negligent endangerment charges after apparently shooting his upstairs neighbor on accident.

Benjamin Johnson awoke to a loud noise, smoke alarms going off in his Bozeman apartment and a bullet hole in his ceiling. He went upstairs to check where the bullet had gone and found his 25-year-old neighbor had been hit in the leg by the bullet. Where did the bullet come from? The bullet came from Johnson's .44 Magnum that he keeps on the headboard of his bed, but Johnson has no recollection of handling the firearm.

The 25-year-old neighbor was taken to the hospital and is reported to be in fair condition. Luckily no one was critically wounded.

What could have happened to make the gun fire? Did Johnson pick up the gun while sleeping and know it? Hopefully this mysterious case will be figured out once the investigation is completed.

[via KTVM]