There are very few things in life where the phrase, "Practice makes perfect," doesn't ring true. When it comes to avalanche safety, practice is extremely important. The first time you try to use your transceiver shouldn't be during an emergency. Now there's a place in Bozeman set up for you to hone your skills.

BOZEMAN — A city park in Bozeman has an area set aside for people who play in the backcountry to practice using avalanche transceivers.

Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center Director Doug Chabot encourages people to bring their friends with them for practice, because "they're the ones who will dig you out."

Avalanche transceivers send out a signal so winter recreationalists who get buried in an avalanche can be found more easily by their traveling partners.

The Daily Chronicle reports the park's designers buried four transmitters in the snow at the northwest corner of Beall Park. They can be switched from a box at the edge of the park.

Organizers ask that people don't dig up the transceivers, but locate them with avalanche probes.

Anyone who comes to the park will have to bring their own transceiver and probes.