Stressed At Work? You Might Need To Hit The Reset Button
Stress, anxiety and pressure are obviously not conducive to a productive work day. The next time you're feeling stressed at work you might need to hit the refresher. It involves listening to music (which I believe is the answer to all our problems). Here's how to reset when feeling stresse…
Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 – Which Is Better? [VIDEO]
Hands down, I vote for the Galaxy S3 although my friends are foolishly convinced that the iPhone is not only better but keeps them relevant as human beings. If you pay more for your device it MUST be better, right? Wrong. Here's 50 reason WHY the Galaxy S3 is BETTER than the iPhone 5.
The Seven Worst Halloween Candies For You
Women's Day magazine put together a list of the most unhealthy Halloween candies for kids (based on caloric intake and how bad they are for your teeth). It's also basically a list of the most delicious Halloween candies. It's probably the stuff you eat when you pick through the candy …
Get a Step-by-Step Guide to Lucid Dreaming
We know -- the first thing we thought when we saw this was "who draws that well on white board" too! Once we got over that, we realized we should actually be paying attention to what this guy's saying. It's a step by step guide from asapScience to achieving lucid dreams -…

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