I Am The March Madness Opening Round Guru
Every year, without fail, my March Madness bracket looks stellar after the first round of games (it looks like I actually watch college basketball closely). Unfortunately, the next round begins...and my horses all go down. It's happening again this year! As I type this, my bracket rea…
New Study Reveals Most Women Don’t Like Your Facial Hair Guys
I grow a light beard every winter. Apparently, women find that unattractive (good thing I'm married). Single dudes, listen up! A new study conducted in two different countries found the same result: In the eyes of most women, men with any kind of facial hair look older and are viewed as more ag…
Bar Fight! – Bombay Sapphire vs. Tanqueray Gin
Welcome to Bar Fight, the weekly competition where two beers, liquors or mixed drinks fight it out and only one can come out on top…before hitting the bottom of our stomachs. This week…we play gin.
Gin. Although highly popular, very few people call themselves connoisseurs…
What Was The Best Year Ever For Music?
I've been pondering this question as of late and doing a little research to help find an answer. I almost wish I didn't open Pandora's music box. I love all kinds of music and picking one year in history that had the most to offer has proved too difficult. There&ap…
What The Hell Is So Great About NASCAR? Seriously.
So the Daytona 500 is this Sunday (which I just heard about since I don't watch the Bubba Channel) and this seems to be the first year that I don't see a bunch of yahoos wearing driver's jackets/hats in preparation for the race. Jesus, I hate NASCAR.
Floating On The Madison Could Be Eliminated
Floating on the Madison River is a summer tradition around these parts. Banning that would be like banning baseball in America. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is having a meeting tonight at the Comfort Inn in Bozeman from 6 - 8 pm to discuss charging, regulating or eliminating floating all t…
New Survey Reveals How People Cut Expensive Movie Costs
Last year the average movie ticket reached its highest price ever. Add that to the ridiculous cost of cinema food and you've got one expensive night out....just to see a new release! Check out what most people do to cut corners and save. I know I'm guilty of one of these, how about you?
New Facebook Photo Trend Alert: Linning
The play of New York Knicks' point guard Jeremy Lin is sweeping the nation. You gotta love the story: an undrafted bench player who was previously cut by two NBA teams is now putting up insane numbers after being forced into the lineup by injuries. Lin also has an elaborate pregame handshake th…
“The Bourne Legacy” Trailer [VIDEO]
A new series of Bourne movies without Matt Damon begins this summer when "The Bourne Legacy" hits theaters. Jeremy Renner takes over as the new rogue hero, Edward Norton also stars. The trailer got me interested! Take a look and see what you think.

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