New Modern Song Title, “If I Was A Tweeter”
Now I'm not a Tweeter, I've never even checked out Twitter's website. That's one social networking tool I don't want to explore. It just seems way too self-indulgent to me. I mean if I was a celebrity I guess I could see the benefits in it. If thousands or millions of people…
Cold Weather Remedies
It is bone-chillin friggin cold out there. Currently as I type this, it is -9 in downtown Bozeman. What are some of your favorite things on a day like this when you don't want to be outside? Here's my list
An Online Music Sharing Moment
A very good friend of mine from back home in Connecticut has a dad that is way cooler than him. My friend is well aware of this fact, through the years a group of us have reminded him numerous times and he always agrees. In fact, I think my friend Tom and I really started becoming good friends after…
Sometimes You’ve Gotta Provide The Sunshine
Now that I've recently added News Director to my title around here I get up very early. Townsquare Media owns and operates five radio stations out of Bozeman and I report the morning news for four of them. That means getting here around 4:30ish to gather a slew of news stories. That a…
Thank You 1980s
I was a kid in the 80s and it was AWESOME! I don't know if everyone feels like they grew up in the best generation for kids but I certainly do. We had the best toys, movies and cartoons. Whatever happened to Saturday morning cartoons? I checked again this morning and nothing for the kids. I don't ge…
Huntley The Cat
When I die and come back as something else, I'm SO coming back as a loved barn cat. Being a barn cat with a real home at your disposal might be the best life of all. This is Huntley Dahmer the cat. He lives in the southern Madison Valley and has the best life of any cat I've ever met.
Strum Me A Suggestion If You Would
I enjoy playing the guitar. I first picked up a guitar as a kid and have had an on again/off again relationship with it ever since. I started playing more regularly about two years ago after I got a new guitar and made that commitment. I'm not aspiring to be in a band I just love playing for me…
Ahhh, The Questions
A recent post from Michelle Wolfe made me think of my own burning questions. It also reminded me of that Common song, "The Questions". Has anyone heard that? It used to be one of my favorites (it's been awhile, I need to hear that again soon).
‘Super’ Matchup Set
Pittsburg and Green Bay it is this year in the Super Bowl. I like it, I think that will be a good game (which is all I can ask for when my team isn't in it). You now have two weeks to make those final Super Bowl plans. Most people enjoy a good party on Super Sunday, but I am not one o…
Real Women Wear Five Inch Heels To Soundcheck
I generally don't rely on rock stars to teach me life lessons. Except that cocaine can burn holes in your nose and stuff. But Grace Potter may be the exception to that general rule and here is the life lesson:

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