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Study Shows Siri May Not Be As Smart As It Thinks It Is
Apple’s Siri app turned a lot of heads and ears when the iPhone 4S first hit the shelves. The voice controlled app looked and sounded like something from an Arthur C. Clarke novel.
However, it may not bring us any closer to having a real HAL 9000 computer (and considering what happene…
Tennessee Football Coach Fired For Making Anti Obama Song [VIDEO]
Having been a music director at a country music radio station in Denver in the late 80′s, I would have added this song on our regular play list. Look for this guy to get some good press out of this.
What happened was the Tennessee middle school assistant football coach, age 26, was fired for a…
Guy Gets Job By Putting His Face On Billboard
It’s so tough to find a job out there that no gimmick is too desperate or pathetic. Just look at a guy from Minneapolis who was so hard up for a job that he blew his meager funds for some face time on an electronic billboard, begging someone — anyone — to hire him.
Mike Doughty – I Love You, But Not This Much
I've got to hand it (sorry) to Twitter user @KellyMLyon....she has one upped me on my not-so-private love for Mike Doughty and his music. But I just TALK about his stuff a lot. She took it to another level and I have to wonder if Mike is creeped out?

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