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How Do They Pick A New Pope? [VIDEO]
If you're not a practicing Catholic, you may be unfamiliar with the lengthy process that is selecting a new Pope. This video explains it all, very clearly for the rest of us.
Who Are the Candidates to Become the Next Pope?
This week at the Vatican in Rome, cardinals from around the world are convening to elect the next pope, which could happen any day now. Who is most likely to succeed Pope Benedict XIV? As of now, there is no clear favorite, but a few cardinals have emerged as the top choices in various betting marke…
Sydney, Australia Police Brutality Caught on Tape [NSFW VIDEO]
The events in this video reportedly occurred at the Sydney Mardi Gras parade. A press photographer was wrapping up filming the parade when he heard someone crying for help. What he found was a relatively small male being manhandled, punched, and thrown around by police. Is it right how they acted? C…

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