This week's Moose Backwoods Track comes directly from me. Usually it's our listeners that send in their recommendations but I found this song by Clem Snide I just had to share.

Recently I renewed my cable subscription which allows me to catch up on the Showtime series Californication. I love the writing of the show and each episode has some pretty note worthy music. As one of the characters of the show, Lou Ashby, once said, "It's not just the music but it's the when and where" (or something like that I don't exactly remember.) Some of the scenes go absolutely perfect with the chosen songs. 'Faithfully' from Clem Snide is one of those perfect examples.  

Listen to the song 'Faithfully' by Clem Snide that perfectly suited the closing scene of Californication's Season Five Episode Four. You can follow Clem Snide on Twitter at @eefbarzelay

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