December 31, 2013 @ 8:00 pm
$8 at the door
Zebra Cocktail Lounge
321 E Main Street, Bozeman, MT United States

Additional Information

NYE Electro Swing Party Cut-La-Whut, and DJ Paul $8 at the door Door at 8pm Cut la Whut was raised by wolves deep in the Wyoming Wilderness up until 8th grade when he ditched the wolves once he learned how to skateboard. Skating gave this guy a fresh new look on the world and the artistic influences that surrounded that subculture fueled the fire that would later lead to a life submersed in music. 10 years ago Cut rode his skateboard to Shambhala cause he heard of these epic farm ramp skate sessions. This journey changed his life forever.   Since then he as become a integral component his hometown  music scene in Jackson Hole Wyoming where you can find him rockin shows on the regular or catch him on the road in a town near you!   Recently Cut has been tearin up the scene per usual, and  recently released an official mix for Shambhala Music Festival, featuring artists from the Pagoda stage.   Check that out right here. With another mixtape release planned for January of 2014 thru, Cut will be out and about on a 3 week tour in the great white north, also known as Canada, in January with his homie Bryan Barisone.    Be sure to stock up on all his mixes and such right here on his soundcloud page, and get on over and like his page on to keep up with his travel dates and current events!   Born and bread in California on all music, DJ Paul is determined to use all of his influences and genres ,both old and new to make people dance. DJ Paul loves to play sexy glitchy hip hop and dance hall with a very futuristic funky electronic twist.