You could win tickets to see the Foo Fighters in Missoula! Here's how:

Make up the most creative, funny, wacky, outrageous sentence using the word 'Foo' and you will win tickets to see the Foo Fighters perform live in Missoula, MT. Enter your submission in the link below.

The concert is Thursday the 26th at the Adam's Center in Missoula, MT.

Use it as a noun, a verb, an adjective or however you think it should be used. We will read some of our favorites on air and pick our personal favorite to give the tickets to. If they are all terrible, well, we will still be choosing a winner so you got nothing to lose! Enter your submission!

Example Sentance: "I went to the deli and asked for a ham sandwich and he put foo on it. I was like what the foo man! I asked for ham!"

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