The Great Paint Giveaway Contest

“Everything” is defined as follows:

1st: Jayson Thompson & Jeff Keller of The Paint Factory will meet with the winner at the site of the project & listen to what exactly they would like-or love to see happen to the outside of their house. They will also  conduct a thorough inspection of the current condition of the structure & discuss proper preparation of the house’s exterior. If the winner chooses to hire-out the labor, The Paint Factory will be happy to provide their recommendation in a written “spec” form to ensure that bidding contractors can bid on performing the same scope-of- work, just like the larger commercial projects rely on.

2nd: The winner can choose to have a professional color consultation with Jayson to fine-tune, or get additional ideas for the new color scheme. That process will include up to three (3) free samples.

 3RD: If it’s ready for a repaint, it’s probably ready for a thorough bath! The winner has also won the use of our power washer for two (2) days.

4TH: The winner can come in and pick up their LOADED tool bucket and any appropriate caulk products &/or primers to fill cracks &/or spot-prime bare spots before painting begins. Loaded bucket is limited to: a wide assortment of painting tools & 1 case of premium, exterior latex caulk (elastomeric), 1 gallon of Zinnser Cover Stain int/ext oil-based primer & one gallon of XIM Peel Bond latex primer (for spot-priming areas).

5th: Once the house is prepped & it’s ready to put on an AWESOME, Cool, New, Long-Lasting Paint Job, the winner comes into The Paint Factory and choose between TOP-QUALITY EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTS OR STAINS FROM BENJAMIN MOORE, PITTSBURGH PAINTS OR SIKKENS STAINS, TO MAKE THEIR HOME LOOK AWESOME & LAST FOR YEARS TO COME! (Enough paint stain to properly paint or stain a house that is up to 3,000 feet of living space). Paint=2 COATS, Most Stains=1 COAT.

 The Paint Factory will happily deliver your order!

 6TH: If the use of one of our rental airless paint sprayers is desired, the Winner gets 3 FREE days use of an appropriate unit!

 7th: The Paint Factory will stay in-touch with the project through completion to ensure the products are performing properly and answer any questions the winner - or their contractor may have!

 8th: We’d love to have a picture of the completed house and the smiling, happy people who live there!