Everybody's town is known for SOMETHING, and our town is famous to the best musicians on the planet as the home of Gibson Acoustics.


The J-45. The J-160E. The Bluesmaster. The Hummingbird. The L-200. The SJ. The Songwriter Series. From "Pinball Wizard" to "She Talks To Angels"....It was a Gibson in the hands of the artist that made those delicious sounds.


Gibson guitars are special. They're hand made. They're crafted after European violins. They're revolutionary. They're beautiful. And they're the basis for too many important phases in music history to list here, but if you ask Pete Townsend what guitar he can't live without - I bet you a dollar he'd say his Gibson J-45.


On Wednesday October 12th, the Museum of the Rockies played host to a wonderful hour long lecture and music demonstration of Gibson acoustic guitars by Robi Johns.


Robi Johns is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Gibson Acoustics, but far more importantly.....A MUSICIAN.  So not only did the audience get a fascinating history of Gibson Acoustics, but mini live performances using the most iconic guitars in history.


This was no sales pitch...this was a college course for history buffs, music freaks and musicians alike. The audience (even us non-musicians) were given a lesson in the warmth, tone and VOICE each guitar had to offer.


The number of artists who currently play, or who have played Gibson Acoustic Guitars include classical guitarist Eddie Lang, George Harrison and John Lennon,  Bob Dylan, The Everly Brothers, Woodie Guthrie, Emmylou Harris, Billie Joe Armstrong, Wes Montgomery, Sheryl Crow, Keb Mo, Pete Townsend, Grace Potter, Warren Haynes and so many more.


If you'd like to PLAY any number of beautiful hand made Gibsons, take a visit to Music Villa on east Main Street in downtown Bozeman. They are a 5 Star Gibson Acoustic Dealer which means their showroom and selection are INCREDIBLE.

What makes Music Villa so great is that it's where people come to experience music, not just make a purchase. Their showroom is a place to PLAY. Pick a guitar off the wall and find that VOICE were were talking about earlier. Their staff are musicians AND technicians so they care very much that someone experiences everything a Gibson acoustic offers.

Music Villa is located in downtown Bozeman at 539 E. Main Street. Give them a call with any questions at (406) 587-4761

The Museum of the Rockies is currently hosting "Taking Aim - Unforgettable Rock 'N' Roll Photographs" selected by Graham Nash until January 15th, 2012. The collection includes photographs from over 40 of the world's greatest music photographers, many never before seen.