My father is trying to crush my soul. How you ask? By stocking his kitchen with as much tasty, fattening, delicious things as possible. This is no longer a joke as much as a daily mental challenge to not inhale 5 pieces of chocolate covered toffee. He's an old man who can eat whatever the hell he wants. I am not.

Dieting is not my thing but fitting back into my wildly expensive ski pants is. And now my father is apparently (unintentionally, I'm sure) going to destroy that mission

Dads love you for who you are not what you looks like, blah, blah, blah and my father is no exception. However, Dad, if you're reading this: For the love of everything that is Holy, please stop with the toffee, croissants, apple pie, Dove Bars, peanut brittle and Almond Joys. There is only so much of this ridiculousness a girl can take. Love Always, Michelle