Why can't real news outlets focus on real news? Let's save the celebrity divorces and plastic surgery nightmares for the tabloid rags. There's nothing wrong with pop culture headlines, but it seems to me that it's unnecessary to use up 60 seconds of network news time with them.

I like garbage news and TV as much as the next person. Many a Sunday has been completely wasted watching Real Housewives marathons or reading glossy chick mags/websites that specialize in turning celebrity headlines into three-page articles.

When online I just want to be able to know that a real news outlet will give me real news. Even if it's a "slow news day", SOMETHING happened SOMEWHERE that's worthy to speak about...right?

Here's a glimpse of what's happening in the world this week:

  • Ebola has resurfaced in Liberia
  • There are now 13 declared candidates for the Republican nomination. 13? Seriously?
  • Greece's economy is in shambles and they have officially defaulted on their IMF loan. Can you imagine what would happen in America if the government decided to shut down our banks for a week? What does defaulting on this loan actually mean?
  • 660,000 pounds of poultry products were recalled because it contained MSG when it was supposed to be specifically MSG-free. (That's a lot of frozen Swanson turkey dinners.)

I wish Ben and Jennifer's three kids the best. Let's leave their parents out of the real news and let them sell their story to the highest bidder after the papers have been signed.