A friend of mine took me to this little deli/coffee shop here in Bozeman called Opus Deli and Coffee. She was raving about the sandwiches so of course I had to get a sandwich. And she wasn't lying, it was probably the best sandwich I've had since home made grilled cheese from Mom.

The sandwich was so good, I stopped after the first bite and took a photo with my phone because I knew I would want to tell someone about it. I got the special of the day: roast beef, with spinach, provolone, grilled onions, avacado and a hummus spread. Mmmmmm!

I didn't know I liked any of those together.

My friend ordered a custom sandwich with chicken, cucumber, mayo, and some other stuff I wasn't sure, but I did steal a bite of that too.

I walked away from that meal feeling very satisfied. The bread, veggies and meat were all fantastic and my stomach was very happy.