My mom was a pretty spectacular lady. Sure, lots of people think their mom is pretty great and I'm sure they're right. But really, my mom was cool. One of her oddball hobbies she picked up over the years was quilting. I think she took it up only to keep hands busy when she quit smoking but she was REALLY good at it.

I have this chest in my living room that was opened today for the first time in five years. We're moving furniture around so the chest got the stuff cleared off the top and it's contents saw the light of day.

PILES of quilts, wall hangings and place mats seems to jump up and cheer. Their super bright colors popped against the cream of the wood chest.

My dad and I had both wondered where a couple of these hand made items had been stashed and I think we've both looked through every box either one of us had stashed somewhere.

Neither one of us realized how many of these mom-made treasures were hiding in that chest with all the crap piled on top of it.

Now these beautiful pieces of my mom's talent can be used, displayed and cuddled with just like they're supposed to. Knowing that we've unearthed a trove of gorgeous reminders of a gorgeous woman is pretty satisfying.

Moral of the story? Well, there are two morals.

1) Clean your house more often and don't pile a bunch of crap on top of chests that may contain important pieces of your family's history.

2) Go hug or call your mom. Cuddling with a quilt your mom made is a very distant second to the real thing. - Michelle