How do? This summer has had its share of righteous musical acts coming live and direct to your face at Music On Main, El Zebra and The Emerson. The brass presence has been particularly delightful with March Forth and so forth, which got your buddy Riley to thinking: brass music is just too damn awesome to ignore. All yall Treme junkies would agree, brass is on its way back, and for many of these fantastic artists, never left. We come together this day to discuss and celebrate yet another polished honking entity that has the grooves to moves ya shoes.

The Youngblood Brass Band has been around for a little over a decade now, after exploding out of their high school origins in Oregon, Wisconsin. Their sound is definitely rooted in old school New Orleans jazzy styles, with a heavy handed hip hop swing for good measure, recently stepping into the experimental genre with their most recent album Is That A Riot? (2007.) Good tunes for cooking dinner with a lively bunch or pounding the last few drops of sunshine out of the Montana summer. Check their site here, you like? I thought so, the albums are available at the legendary Cactus Records and worth every little penny. Enjoy these bombastic brass badasses and don't say I didn't warn you, they ain't call it Riot Jazz for nothing.