Ballyhoo and bali hi my friends. Happy Thorsday.

Having a wee sit down with Mr. DJ Michaelangelo, we got to discussing the fancy intricacies of DJing and the scene in Bozeman. A fledgling myself, given the chance to listen to a homie's insights is truly a treat.

Mike is a fan of the Bozeman scene and the people's energy. The crowd is so open to new music and artists, every show and scene has the potential to blow. Mike will be playing the Emerson on June 18th for a dance party with MSU's QSA featuring DJ Shark and KHOL. This triumvirate of dancestastic DJs are set to break it down, polish it and reassemble for maximum party enjoyment. Check out the facebook love for your homies and get ready to bump with the best of 'em.  That is June 18th, starting at 10pm a la Emerson Cultural Center. Peace.