Mystery Ranch Backpacks, a local supplier of backpacks, plans to move back into the city limits after 10 years of being away. It's interesting that someone would move out of this town that we all love but the owner Dana Gleason did have his reasons.

Co-founder and owner Dana Gleason said he was tired of the rules and regulations coming from the City Planning Department.

Mystery Ranch had 30 employees when the company moved to its current location three and a half years ago. Now, they're up to 70. Gleason needed a lot more room and he found it in the old Cardinal Distributing warehouse--within city limits.

"It's big enough where we could drop our entire operation from the previous shop into here without actually touching the walls," Gleason said.

Even a year ago Gleason said he never thought he'd end up back in Bozeman.

He felt the planning department made too many demands like a building needing to look a certain way with a certain landscaping.

"Or, for instance, paying fees for the privilege of moving jobs into town," he said sarcastically.

Mystery Ranch will open in its new location by mid-December. Gleason said the facility will allow the business to expand from 70 to 100 employees. Production will increase by 40 percent.

via Mystery Ranch moving back inside city limits for major expansion | | Z7 | Bozeman, Montana.

Sounds like Gleason could have been a bit stubborn but it still leaves one to wonder, how many other businesses have been in the same situation?