Calling the U.K. home -- though he seems to find himself in New York City more often than not -- Pete Molinari is one of the most powerful and fascinating musicians around today. Falling somewhere in-between indie rock, folk, alt-country and maybe even Americana, his talents instantly stand out in our already saturated music world. This sentiment is evident in his latest record, 'Theosophy,' which hit the streets on June 3 via Clarksville Recordings.

Earlier this week, following a packed show at New York's iconic Bowery Ballroom, Molinari swung by our offices to hang out for a bit. Besides catching up about 'Theosophy' and telling stories of his friendship with Johnny Depp and Dan Auerbach (full interview coming soon), we convinced him to play a couple of songs for us -- just him and his acoustic guitar.

In the video above, Molinari performs the opener to his new LP, 'Hang My Head In Shame.' The studio track has a groovy rock and roll rhythm to it -- reminiscent of Jack White's newer material -- but somehow, Molinari injects even more soul into the acoustic rendition. (By the way, this was the first time he played the song with no other instruments or arrangements.)

In addition to 'Hang My Head In Shame,' he gave us the quintessential New York tune, 'The Ghost of Greenwich Village,' from the 2007 LP, 'Walking Off the Map.' It didn't take long for us to start singing along to the chorus, "Oh, I'm going nowhere / And getting there real fast." Check it out below:

Molinari is currently on the road through December -- check out his full tour itinerary here. And stay tuned for our full discussion with him about his new album, influences and how digital services like Spotify and iTunes affect his songwriting (hint: they don't).