My "gardening" quest for 2013 is moving along quite nicely. My backyard is ready to be planted, my living room is trashed with dirt, seedlings, trays and now a stack of biodegradable pots made from cow poo. Yeah, cow poo.

These puppies are super biodegradable. I just hope they don't stink.

They're called Cow Pots and until yesterday I was unfamiliar with them although not at all surprised that they exist. However, I WAS SURPRISED that they are now in my living room awaiting transplants from my healthy, happy seedlings that are getting too big for their current digs.

Planet Natural on North Rouse in Bozeman is such a cool store. I go in there a lot, not because I'm  overboard Earth conscience or's really just that cool with some of the nicest employees. When you don't know what you're doing in the garden, they're the folks to see.

Instructions for us of the Cow Pots from Planet Natural.

So, Cow Pots are the latest experiment in "Michelle's Gardening Sham 2013". Seems like a great idea but I swear if my living room starts smelling like a pasture, someone's gonna hear about it.

These little guys will soon be in their new home. A pot made of cow poo.