Yeah, yeah. It's the time to think of others. And I donating about half my closet every holiday season. But I also don't hesitate to stock up on things for myself at clearance prices. What chick doesn't like to sale shop? Even chick who hate shopping love a great deal. Trust me.

So anyway, this time of year is AWESOME to stock up on summer things. Like my personal "cannot live without item"......flip flops. I probably own a few dozen pairs. And I just got more, as you can see from the picture.

HOWEVER, I'd like to note....that everything you see on my bed here is being donated this afternoon. Cleaning out your closets and donating stuff that's perfectly wearable but just ain't you (or you'll never fit into it again) is the PERFECT thing to do this time of year.

So don't feel bad. Go make a mess as I did.......then go get yourself some new flip flops.