The last couple of days have been no bueno for me. Sick and staying at home which I pretty much never do. Today is a gorgeous Bozeman day, filled with blue sky and sunshine and now that I can finally drag myself out of bed the plants are enjoying some much needed fresh air.

Gardening in Montana is tough, especially when you have no idea what you're doing like me. I've said many times this season that it's not what you know but getting off your butt and giving things a try. Asking the right people for advice and guidance has gone a long way so far.

June 10th is THE DATE in Bozeman that the flowers and veggies can start living outside for the season, so until then we'll do the inside/outside dance daily. Wish me (and them) luck.

So far so good with the 2013 season but they don't get to live outside permanently until June 10th in Bozeman.