Race relations and Protest have been an undercurrent of American life for more than sixty years now. JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagen, Bush, Clinton, W and Obama... What is wrong, that WE can't solve? It is widely believed that the Boomers are 'the smartest generation ever' and us X'ers are not far behind - yet the issues of race and war (just or unjust war) STILL exist in our lives.

We expect better and can achieve better, with 'just one beat.' My friend, Michael Franti recording in Miami just sent me his latest song.

there is just one love y'all
and there is just one beat
and when we all see justice
then we'll all see peace

- Michael Franti 'Same As It Ever Was (Start Today)'

Education and awareness move at the speed of sound.

Michael Franti on Easing Tensions Between Police and Civilians:

What we see today is the result of generations of mistrust in our communities. Rodney King, The Watts Riots, The Black Panther movement, The Civil Rights movement all played out with police and people in the streets. It's no secret that the police and black people haven't exactly sat down and sipped tea together.

We see incidents like killings taking place and it brings everything to the surface, but honestly it's the way police deal with individuals one-on-one on a daily basis over the years that makes or breaks the trust in the community.

So in two words respect and accountability.

What is a common reaction from creative minded people to social injustice? History shows us they're medium. For those of you of a certain age reading know this CSNY song below was recorded and released within days of the Kent State Massacre.

No discussion of social injustice via music could be without "We Shall Overcome" the anthem of the African-American Civil Rights Movement of 1955–1968.