How do, electronic participants?

So the summer is always filled with such wonderful opportunities and events each year. Barring any need for food or shelter, one could completely devote themselves to the decadent Twainian lolligaggery. Rivers and mountains by day followed by possibly a brief farmer's market trip and locking it all down with Music On Main. And then my friends, then we go to the bars.

In this time of year so filled with exciting events one must pace oneself and make the right decisions. The biggest correct choice for sunny music extravaganzas you could make is now looming on your horizon.

"But, Riley." You ask. "Why should I pay for music when there are so many free events all summer long?" Then I wittily retort:

"Why my confused little friend, do these free events all summer long have three days and nine bands in the incredible mountain womb of Big Sky?"

"No..." You reply in expectance of radical rebuke.

"That's right." I say, throwing my saddle nonchalantly over the back of my dinosaur steed. "You see, Big Head Todd & The Monsters are a legendary band of merry music masters. The John Butler Trio has rocked shows all over the earth, from the core to the mantle through the crust and back down again."

"Yes, but..." These thoughts collide in your cranium like frozen nubbins of climactic music jostling in a blender.

"There will also be a cavalcade of local heavyweights opening and closing each day, with after parties at Whiskey Jack's. Pinky and the Floyd, Black Mask, The Clintons, Cure for the Common and DJ KHOL will be rocking non-stop all weekend." I flip the switch on your anticipatory brain-blender and you almost faint.

"So much music, where can I get tickets?" You swoon as I catch you in a romance novel-jacket pose.

"Don't you worry, tickets are on sale now at the Chamberlin Productions website for the Spruce Moose and also at Cactus Records downtown, but they get more expensive the longer you wait, starting at $35 and rising as time goes on (service fees may apply.)" I brush your hair back behind your ear, my eyes a mystic lagoon filled with hip-hop dolphins and roller-blading pandas. "We must part, make sure you get your tickets early and I shall see you in Big Sky September 2nd for the Clintons CD release party and the next two days of fist-bumping music madness." I climb onto the back of a mighty tyrannosaurus and don my napoleon hat.

"Where are you going? Why are you dressed like that? Where did you get a dinosaur?" Your hands fly up in appeal. With a tip of my brim I smile and say:

"My friend, I cannot explain everything for you." Off I ride into the sunset, my saddlebag ghetto blaster gently crooning Danger Zone as I become a handsome and mysterious spot on the horizon.