MOOSE Easter Keg Clue Number 9 – 2015
This clue (#9) was originally given out on the air at 95-1 The MOOSE at 7:45am on Wednesday 4/1. April Fools Day! NOBODY HAS FOUND OUR HIDDEN KEG YET, brought to you by Bar IX and New Belgium Brewing. It's still out there!
MOOSE Easter Keg Clue Number 7 – 2015
This clue was initially available at 2pm on Tuesday inside Bar IX in downtown Bozeman, so if you were able to stop by you got a head start. But here is MOOSE Easter Keg Clue #7 in print!
MOOSE Easter Keg Clue Number 5 – 2015
As of Tuesday morning, nobody has located our hidden Easter Keg. It looks just like the one in the picture, and it's sponsored by Bar IX in downtown Bozeman and New Belgium Brewing!
The MOOSE Easter Keg Has Been FOUND! (Photos)
That's right, mighty warriors. The MOOSE Easter Keg has been found as of Wednesday night. Who found it? My heroes...a group of men who skipped class all day at MSU to hunt for the MOOSE Easter Keg. And won.

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