Flooding Causes Bridge Collapse Upends Car [VIDEO]
From our partners over at WZZM comes this story of a scary drive over a bridge. It happened on Lincoln Ave in Ionia. One minute the driver is crossing over what appears to be a normal bridge, the next minute the bridge is collapsing and nearly sends his vehicle plunging over the side...
Montana River Flows And Water Levels Spring 2012
As we've now officially hit Spring in Bozeman, that means one thing....runoff. Flooding can become a big concern in our area so HERE you can get all the info you need.  This website will give you real time data on our river flows.
Flooding Preparedness Information
The city of Bozeman would like to remind its residents of the danger of Spring runoff that could result in flooding in the immediate future. Please take all the necessary precautions to ensure your family and property are safe. Click the link for the current information you may need to be well prepa…
Ice Jam Causes Gallatin River Flooding Near Logan
A Flood Warning has been issued for the Gallatin River near Logan until further notice. An ice jam has forced the river out of its banks. No roads or structures are threatened at this time, but ice jams are unpredictable, and sudden rises in river levels could occur.