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Bozeman Population And Statistics
I'm a stats geek. Always have been. Knowing what your town REALLY looks like is interesting and can be an eye opener if you've never bothered to research the details. City-Data is one of my favorite websites to check when I'm researching a town.
Albums I Forgot I Loved – POE “Hello”
The mid-nineties were huge for me musically not just because there was so much to choose from but because I was in college at Montana State and that's just what you're into when you're in college right?
Rock Hill At The MSU Pow Wow [VIDEO]
The Annual MSU American Indian Council Pow Wow was held at Montana State University this past weekend and if you weren't lucky enough to experience it first hand, we've got video of Rock Hill.
2013 Tracy Award Ceremony May 3rd Ellen Theatre
“This is a cool event where you get to see quality short films from those of us just about to enter the film industry.  This is a sneak peak into the future of what film is going to look like,” says Fallon Walker, director of Google Docs.
Take Classes At Montana State Extended University
Montana State University's Extended University offers several Microsoft Office courses this fall. The non-credit courses are designed to help working professionals improve their skills, and all include hands-on work in Extended University's computer laboratory-equipped classroom.

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