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2010 The Cat Empire Album “Cinema” – Revisited [VIDEO]
Don't you hate it when you "miss" really great albums? Especially when they're from a really great band? (In this case, The Cat Empire.) In our line of work, it's easier than you think to overlook an album just due to the sheer volume of music that gets sent our way.
Music I’m Loving – ZZ Ward “365 Days” [VIDEO]
ZZ Ward is good. Really good. That's why we play her music. After crossing the country at a very early age to start her first band, this talented young woman is now making a VERY big noise with her newest single, 365 Days. Enjoy this live, acoustic version!
Music I’m Loving – The Lumineers “Submarines”
The Lumineers seemed to come out of nowhere in 2012, and ended up everywhere. When a band is this talented with more than a few tricks up their sleeves, I couldn't be happier. Their latest single "Submarines" is fantastic. Enjoy this live performance from our friends at WFUV i…

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