I LOVE the people I work with in our building. They're (generally) smart, funny, creative, music loving, etc. HOWEVER, see if you can follow why I was so disturbed this morning when I walked in the studio. Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

The MOOSE Secret Codes are always posted in the studio on the left so the DJs can read them at the appropriate time. They're not complicated words. They're just random words. But real words.

Then on the RIGHT side of us is one of several computers. When I walked in this morning, the last user hadn't closed out their windows which isn't a big deal. Unless you want me to think you're an idiot.

So, without further insult......I give to you the zoomed in picture of what was on that computer screen. (Compare with the first picture above if I've lost you, my man.) Ladies, that's why we're the bosses.

Love Always,