Hey ho, my friends.

During this day of tropical temperature, before the next storm moves in to crush our climbing plans for the weekend, we can look past the next few deluges into a hot summer filled with intense hip hop you will not want to miss. Last weekend Pigeon John dropped his always impressive/perpetualy unique flows and song style for an evening of raptastic delight. For those of you unfamiliar, Mr. Pigeon John has been an alternative California underground mainstay for years. Rapping with the Living Legends, Blackalicious and Abstract Rude to name a few. Even when hanging with the heavyweights of California's intellectual rap scene on Quannum Projects, John has maintained unique style and articulation, setting his music apart from most on the scene these days. He drops old-school rap sangin' and mixes it with a bevvy of sounds that one would not normally expect to find in the rap section of your local record store (we have several in town, no not wally's or haste-land) from blues to jive and jazz with a little doo-wop thrown in. If you don't know, now you know, so check him out here and get yourself a copy for your next house party.

If you missed the Pigeon, you can check out Rashaan Ahmad for your Cali music fix on Friday, June 3rd. Talk about a Bozeman favorite, Rashaan and his group Crown City Rockers have smashed the scene on every appearance, if you have never seen this scene then do y'self a solid and get the hell down to the Zebra on Friday. Chump.

On to the next, Bret and the crew at the Zebra Cocktail Lounge have packed the next few months with their continual high standard of exceptional and unexpected guests. June 11th will be a special treat for all you heads out there when Pharaohe Monch stomps the stage. Chasing his most recent album (W.A.R.) around the states, the good Pharaohe will bring his longtime love of gutteral hits and thoughtful prose for your head nodding pleasure. Check the video if you need further persuasion.

One week later, when you have returned to the drudgery of work and charge your batteries yet again for more non-stop hippety hop, the Zebra will be dropping Devin the Dude right into your lap. Now, if you are having trouble understanding this fellow and just what it is to be Devin the Dude, all I can say is go see it. If you enjoyed the Chronic 2001 track for track as I did, you enjoyed the Dude. If you yourself are herbally inclined in a recreational sense, you need to go feel it and have a good time, I know I will. As per usual with all amazing hip hop shows, the Cactus Records has your back, so get on it for tickets and show info.

Oh Zebra, with your cheap delicious dranks and subterranean hip hop womb, who needs groceries? We can all eat hip hop. Peace.