To be totaly honest, the only guitar savvy artists I could name off the top of my head would be those that have graced the track list of Guitar Hero over the recent years, so when I found this article it seemed like something I should read, study and be ready to regurgitate the next time someone asks me who I think would win in an "axe battle", Peter Green or Eric Clapton. All the answers, or at least Rolling Stones' opinions, lie in one handy spot.

Here is a brief paragraph of the #9 on the list, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page:

In the 1970s, there was no bigger rock group in the world than Led Zeppelin and no greater god on six strings than Zeppelin's founder-captain Jimmy Page. Nothing much has changed. The imperial weight, technical authority and exotic reach of Page's writing and playing on Zeppelin's eight studio albums have lost none of their power

Check out the link for all 100 rankings.