Seriously, Ersin. We know they're your team and all but you work in Bozeman now. Home of Montana State University. We suggest that you at least put up a FACADE about being a Bobcat fan when you're in town.

Let me preface this by saying that Ersin is our Events Coordinator and is a completely awesome dude. However, immense likeability means nothing when it comes to office decor. Ersin put up two Griz flags in his office. Big ones. I think they lasted about 12 minutes.

Then today came this email:

Two weeks ago, two Griz flags were stolen from my office. One was found inside the fridge this morning, well played. Whoever has the other, please return to my office. I need these for a Cat/Griz viewing party in Missoula.

Ersin, if you think the fridge was well played, good luck finding the other one. Much love, the Moose Staff.

Yeah, those Griz flags are gone...