My experience with Halloween costumes is a lot like a scavenger hunt. I tend to put off deciding on a costume until the day before which leads to a mad dash around town to find all the suitable accessories. Because it's never an easy one! But that's half the fun isn't it? Making the costume? Some of you might buy full sets, some of you might build one from scratch, and others like me do a little of both. Well here is a list of our top five places that should supply you all the blood, sparkles, dismembered limbs, and mummy tape you need.

Spirit Halloween usually has the best costumes you can buy around Bozeman. But you have to get there quick before the good ones are out. Also be careful and check how many they have on the shelf because let's face it, there should only be so many green M&M's at one party. Spirit Halloween is tricky to find as well because they tend to rent out vacant buildings once it becomes fright season. This year they are located in a vacant building just south of Old Chicago on N. 19th Street. I also tried checking out the party store that was located in the strip mall by Rooks across from the mall but it was no longer there! Instead there is a thrift store there named Rethink Thrift. Rethink Thrift might not be too bad of a spot to find some cool costume ideas though.


Open 24 hours a day Walmart is great for finding any last minute costume ideas you need. I made pretty convincing Dexter one year by buying my entire costume at Walmart the night before the Monster's Ball. They also have a pretty good selection of manufactured costumes, just be sure to get there early in the season to get the right size.

Thrift Stores

One of my dream costumes is to be a Roller Disco dancer from the 70's. Probably ever since I saw the That 70's Show where Eric sneaks around his friends doing a secret activity that isn't Spanish tutoring. Each year I search the thrift stores looking for skates and I can never find my size. I may have to look to eBay and plan more accordingly than the week prior to Halloween. That's why I'm encouraging you to venture to the thrift stores each week before Halloween and find that perfect seventies jacket, stiletto heels, Irish kilt or baseball uniform before someone else clever does. You could be Ron Burgundey like my friend in the picture below.

Nu 2 You
431 North 7th Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 585-9031

38 W. Mendenhall
Bozeman, Montana, 59715

Salvation Army
425 E Babcock St
Bozeman, MT 59715

Rethink Thrift
2630 West Main Ste 2
Bozeman, MT 59718
(406) 219-7177


This kids store in the mall is a great place to find children's costumes. I'm not that experience in shopping for kids costumes. I either had one made for me by my mom or only wanted the blood and gore props, not much in between. Here though they have a good selection of the kids favorite characters from Buzz Lightyear, Sponge Bob, and Cowboy costumes.

2825 W Main St # 10B
Bozeman, MT 59718-3817
(406) 522-8697


Fabric Stores

Don't be embarrassed to ask for yard or two of spandex at the fabric store. Being October and all the sales clerk won't think you are making an Imp costume to wear around the house. Like I said before, making your costume can be half the fun of Halloween. That's because you'll spend so much time making, fixing and re-fixing your costume you'll only really experience half of it! Below is a costume I made Halloween day in a panic before going out. I used two old shirts and super glue and constructed the clown outfit and then went out and got the face paint, blood and wig. Got admit this is my favorite costume ever. Didn't have to worry about trying to get girls to talk to me as they generally cringed their faces and ran away. That was a good Halloween!

Target - They've got some cheap shirts you can cut up or spill blood on and not care if they get ruined

Michaels - All kinds of crafts here, not a whole lot of fabric but other cool accessories are there

2855 N 19th Ave
Suite B, Bozeman, MT 59718
(406) 587-4103

Joan Fabrics - fabrics, yarns, leathers, patterns, they have it all

Main Mall
2825 W Main St Unit S
Bozeman, Montana 59718-3927

Walmart - lots of cheap fabric and they are open 24hours so you can get your midnight craft on