Not only did he win the title, Anthony Robles never lost all season! Where does he go now? Robles says he would like to be a motivational speaker after this new found fame. Video Inside.

Hannah Storm - CBS

Anthony Robles, of Mesa, Arizona, is celebrating a remarkable achievement. The wrestler, born with no right leg, just won a national championship.

It happened at the finals on Saturday, where he finished a perfect 36-0 season, winning the 125-pound weight class in his final match.

On "The Early Show" Tuesday, Anthony discussed Saturday night's match (click here to watch the video).

"I was terrified," Robles said. "I had dreamed about being in that situation for the whole year, and just being there and the atmosphere, there was nothing I could do beforehand to prepare me for that. It was so exciting. The fans were into it, my family was there, just a great atmosphere to be a part of. I remember, they were counting down, they were saying 20 seconds before I had to run out on the mat, my stomach started grumbling and I almost threw up before I went out on the mat. But it was definitely exciting, and once I actually stepped out there, it seemed like it was like just any other match. I just kind of switched into auto mode."

Robles defeated defending national champion Matt McDonough, of perennial powerhouse Iowa, 7-1.

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