Zone 4 gardening is tough. It's even tougher when you're a gardening idiot but here's what's working for me indoors at the end of March.

Starting your gardening season indoors is tough in Zone 4.

ZINNIAS - These flowers could be grown by anyone. I have started three different kinds indoors and they are by far the strongest and healthiest looking starts I have. PLANT THESE.

PEPPERS - Again, these are a "gardening for idiots" dream. They always come up and they don't need quite as much attention as most starts. Less water equals less daily maintenance and since I grow them at my dad's place, they have a constant 75 degree environment. (Warm temps for starts is key. If you don't have an old man who keeps his house at a sauna temperature, make sure you let them live covered on top of the fridge until they pop up.)

I hope my uneducated gardening tips are helpful for you. My strategy is to learn by trial and error whereas my Master Gardener friends can always loan their advice.