My wife and I just welcomed our second child, almost exactly three years after our first. There was a lot of newborn stuff I somehow had forgotten. Here are three slightly annoying things that (have no fear) WILL change.

  1. Newborns go through a lot of diapers - I mean a lot. It seems like we're changing his diaper every 20 minutes. Not the case with a toddler (a break is coming soon). And here's a recent thought...why aren't newborn diapers cheaper? I mean, there's less material (c'mon!!)
  2. Changing a newborn is seriously challenging - As they get older they work with you. They learn the routine and realize the necessity of it. Newborns (at least both of ours) don't like to be changed and are a lot stronger than you think. You will both get better at this.
  3. Newborns can really emasculate a man. If you breastfeed your newborn, the first couple weeks or so before introducing a bottle can really mess with a dad. When he/she is hungry in this particular window, you are utterly USELESS. They will scream their head off in what appears to be severe pain, sending you in a fire drill to find mom. Us men are problem solvers. We always think we can find the answer (and find security in that). It does not exist in this scenario, my friend. Accept it (and invest in a breast pump if you don't have one already).

Oh, and most of all the other stuff you hear is true. For example, you and your stuff will at some point get pooped, peed and thrown up on. Enjoy.