I don't know if it's been the weather lately or a lack of sleep, but I've needed some restored energy. I've been a little uninspired lately and when that happens I usually need a creative outlet or a little bit of nature to redirect life's perspective (or dare I say purpose?). Well, we're in the right place for the latter so yesterday I got outside and got back in touch.

I decided I needed to overlook the Gallatin River Canyon so yesterday I hiked up the Storm Castle trailhead after work. I don't know if you've taken the 2 1/2 mile ascend but it really is beautiful. You have to earn the view a little bit to reach the summit but that is a good spot to put it all in perspective. The beauty is unmatched and all you feel is the wind and all you hear are the birds and the roar from the Gallatin River below.

I hiked up pretty quickly for the benefit of the workout and hiked back down slowly, to enjoy all the canyon lookouts. While driving away I felt the need to see that roaring river up close. I don't think I've ever seen it that high and just sat on the bank for awhile taking it in with a light drizzle on a heavy smile. It truly was exactly what I needed. What a great time of year to be in Montana, take advantage friends!