A new year is met with youthful enthusiasm for most (at least for the first few weeks) with those new resolutions I keep hearing so much about. I've never been one for those which might explain why this new year has only brought confusion to my system. All it takes is back to back short work weeks combined with binge eating and I'm left wondering how I ever made it through a health conscious five day work week. Seriously, last week was a little tough. And so far I'm dragging a bit again as I start this week. Well it is early on a Monday morning right?

I just want that drive back I had only a month ago. I hate to admit it but there might actually be something to that whole getting old thing (I've also never been one for letting that adage mess with my mind). I guess I can't stop working out to  join the American holiday spirit in a tender  embrace anymore. What's up with this? Ah, who am I kidding? I'd rather hit my restart button in February. To make sure of that I think I know what I have to do after work today. Some sort of exercise is taking place.