An expecting Belgrade couple, Pam and Travis Volkman, has been told their baby boy, Tucker, will be born with two potentially fatal conditions next month. The life-saving surgery will set the family back hundreds of thousands of dollars. A benefit fund has been set up for the Volkman family if you would like to help:

When Pam was just over 21 weeks pregnant, doctors discovered that Tucker had an underdeveloped heart, as well as a condition called Situs Inversus. Tucker will need heart surgery immediately in Seattle, where he will need to stay for at least six weeks. Doctors are confident he will survive but say he will be dealing with heart issues his entire life.

The Volkman's are now bracing for the long-term issues Tucker will face, as well as long-term costs. The family hosted a fundraiser but need more help. A benefit fund has been set up at First Montana Bank in Bozeman. You can also visit their Facebook page and follow Pam's blog. Tucker is due on June 13. The Volkman's are headed to Seattle this week in case Pam delivers early.