There's a lot of unoccupied prime real estate right now in Bozeman. Here are some locations that would be quite accessible to the masses. What specific businesses would you like to see in some of these spots?

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    The old Frontier Pies

    302 North 7th Ave

    I believe North 7th Avenue will once again be a top location choice for any business in the near future. The North 7th Urban Renewal Board (NSURB) is working hard to green-light projects to improve landscapes along North 7th. The Bozeman City Commission appears to also be on-board with restoring North 7th's character. Now would be the perfect time to plant a business there. The old Frontier Pies building at 302 North 7th does need a lot of work (inside and out) but it is designed for serving food and is in a great location (being very close to Main St.).

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    The old Movie Gallery

    621 W Mendenhall

    This building that used to be home to Movie Gallery is also accessible from North 7th (located on the corner of North 7th and Mendenhall). This building would allow a space for just about any business. It is also located in a more open area as compared to the Frontier Pies building, making it more accessible. It is also closer to Main St. A lot of options here!

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    The old 18 Miles To The Border

    131 W Main St.

    I loved 18 Miles To The Border for its food, just as much as I did for its layout. The space is kinda hip yet classy, perfect for a restaurant in the heart of downtown Bozeman. The outdoor patio right on West Main is also one of the best downtown. An awesome summertime hangout! Someone buy this space and serve me drinks there again....please?

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    The old Safeway

    901 W Main

    I don't know if there is a need for another grocery store in Bozeman, but Safeway built a brand new building down the street and their old one still remains. It is perfectly outfitted for either mass retail or mass production and it is located right on West Main!

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    The old Bozeman Kenyon Noble

    25 E Mendenhall

    I'm not sure exactly how the inside of the building is laid out, but the old Bozeman Kenyon Noble location remains on a good sized lot in a great location. Building a downtown hotel has been a top priority for the city of Bozeman as of late, and this lot on the corner of Mendenhall and Black was rumored to be in the running for that project.

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    The old 360 Pet Medical

    1104 E Main St.

    East Main Street is also a great location for a Bozeman business. It's downtown, located right off I-90, and close to the hospital and library. I've never been inside this particular building either but it is certainly appealing from the outside. It's the old 360 Pet Medical location, so it was designed with small animal care intentions, but I'm sure it wouldn't take much to turn this small building into many other great business ideas.

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    The old KO's Club

    1332 E Main St.

    The old KO's club is also on East Main and the building is also currently for lease. It's pretty roomy inside, with a bar and a dance floor intact. Maybe something classier, strictly for those 21 and over perhaps?

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