The Bozeman Film Festival continues on Thursday, January 10 at the Emerson Crawford Theatre with a showing of "The Master", starring Joquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffmann. Official trailer and details here:

The Bozeman Film Festival describes this film as,

Paul Thomas Anderson's most cryptic work to date, this brilliantly shot, superbly acted and powerfully challenging film is a powerful essay on post-WWII America, faith and identity. Joquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffmann are electrifying as a WWII Naval vet and the charismatic leader of The Cause.


Join the Bozeman Film Festival at the Emerson for delicious no-host food and drink before tonight's film, provided by Starkey's Authentic Americana and the Zebra Cocktail Lounge. Fare includes gourmet cupcakes, challah knot sandwiches, baba ganoush with pita chips and greek salad. Cash only from 6:30 - 7:30 pm in the Lobby. The Emerson Grill will also be open for seated dining.

Here's the official trailer for "The Master":