The E Street Band is getting set to kick off a huge international tour next month and Bruce Springsteen has finally decided on a replacement for Clarence Clemons on sax. He has decided on two replacements actually, and couldn't have done it in a classier way.

The late, great Clarence Clemons passed away last June due to complications from a stroke, at the age of 69. Since "The Boss" and the E Street Band announced plans for a world tour in 2012 (Wrecking Ball Tour kicks off March 18th), the big question was who would be playing saxophone?

Bruce has now answered that question. He has decided that he needs two saxophonists to try and fill those huge shoes. One will be Clarence's nephew, Jake Clemons. The 36 year-old Clemons has made guest appearances in the E Street Band before. He's also performed with Eddie Vedder, and played sax alongside Clarence at Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1992. The other new E Street Band saxophonist will be Eddie Manion. He's a longtime contributor and was a member of Bruce's Sessions Band. Jake and Eddie will "share the saxophone role" on the upcoming tour.

Check out this video of Jake Clemons playing sax on "Jungleland" with BruceBand (a Dutch Springsteen tribute band). Jake comes in at the 4:00 mark.