Board Games To Avoid Playing With the Family – Top 6
I for one was never a board game fanatic. I much preferred Nintendo or Sega over Monopoly and Jenga. Now that I'm older and I have matured, I've changed my ways. I also found a new genre of board games that are much more conducive to laughter and hysterical madness!
Sunday Brunch- 7.15.12- Sit in Sunday Brunch with Conrad Anker
So great to have Conrad in the studio this morning for our "Sit in Sunday Brunch." He is Bozemans own Bad Ass as coined by writer, Terry Cunningham. We talked the gamut of all things Anker. From Wind energy to the Mayo Clinics Cardio Pulmonary Research, Summiting Everest to 4th and 5th Gr…
Sunday Brunch- 5.27.12- MSU & Conrad Anker Reach Everest Summit

It happened around 10:10 a.m. on May 26. His third Summit, and first without support oxygen for our very own Bozeman Bad Ass- Conrad Anker- North Face Global Team Athlete. He was the leader of the Montana State University's Everest Education Expedition and led them to success with some wise d…

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