Top reasons people move to or visit Montana is all of the outdoor activities that are available.

Fishing, skiing, camping, horseback riding, hiking, the list goes on and on and the options truly are endless.

Hiking in particular can be difficult if you are a beginner, but many of us try it and don't do the research prior to heading out. As we know, there are many trails that are much more difficult than some especially for beginners. In fact, Montana is ranked number 1 for most dangerous hiking trails for beginners.

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The DeMayo Law Group, came out with a list of dangerous hiking trails for beginners and Montana ranked at the top.


When you take into consideration the elevation, effort, technical skill and whether there is a risk involved, Montana trails have the most 5 Spot rankings.

For a trail to get a level five rating, it would require an excessive amount of physical exertion (think climbing, high altitudes, and steep inclines), a high level of technical skill (how to use specialized hiking equipment), and there will be a risk of death or injury. -DeMayo Law Group

Of the 1505 trails throughout the state, 504 of those trails are considered dangerous, with 1/3 or (35%+) being considered a level 5.


If you are hoping to hit a few more trails with a bit less difficulty, but still full of challenge, you could try the other states that make up the top 5.

  • Idaho
  • Alaska
  • New Hampshire
  • Utah

If you are a beginner and perhaps never really hiked a trail at all, the top 5 safest hiking trails in these states may be more up to par for you.

  1. Florida
  2. Louisiana
  3. Delaware
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Illinois

Summer is just around the corner and like me, many of you are ready to hit the trials, take some incredible pictures, and push yourself to a whole new level. Remember to have plenty of fluids, proper hiking apparel, and know the trail before you go.

I personally use the AllTrails App, which I have found to be pretty accurate, especially when I am looking at difficulty levels.

cc: DeMayo Law Group, AllTrails

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