Bozeman has been ranked the second best dog-friendly city in America by the Dog Fancy Magazine Dog Town USA contest. The official results of the poll will be published in their September issue.

The magazine cited the various outdoor activities Bozeman has to offer for canines and effectiveness of the Heart of the Valley Shelter's operations. Dog Fancy was particularly impressed with the high reclaim rate from the shelter. Of the dogs admitted to Heart of the Valley, 90 percent are reclaimed within the first two weeks of their arrival. Dog Fancy ranked Bend, Ore. as the No. 1 most dog-friendly city.

I'm very proud of this ranking, as this was one of the main reasons I fell in love with Bozeman. My wife and I both love animals and our dogs are like family. We were so happy to find a place that feels the same, which is evident all over. I love all the dog parks and dog-friendly businesses in Bozeman. The high reclaim rate of our shelter further shows the commitment level to pooches here. Who thinks we love our dogs more than Bend, Ore.?