It's been a pretty hot summer so far in southwest Montana and I thought I would share some quick tricks to keep you cool via The Daily Mail. Some of these are kind of stupid, like licking your wrists? But I think you'll find a practical tip or two that might actually work:

Here are six weird tricks you can use to keep yourself cool:

  1. Lick Your Wrists: Monkeys do it, and apparently it works for humans too. Of course, you could just run them under cold water (but I guess we haven't evolved that much yet).
  2. Get Out The Hot Salsa: Spicy foods actually cool you down.
  3. Keep Your Lotion In The Fridge: It's not a long-lasting fix but will work for a little while.
  4. Turn Off The T.V.: Modern T.V.s generate a lot of heat. When you're not watching, turn it off.
  5. Put Your Mattress On The Floor: Since heat rises, the closer you get to the floor, the cooler you will be.
  6. Put Your Fans On The Floor And Angle Them Upward: Again, the coolest air is at floor level. This is the most effective way to distribute that cool air and cool down a room.
  7. Eat Frozen Yogurt Instead Of Ice Cream: Yogurt has a higher water content, which will be more effective in keeping your body temperature down.