Last week, Montana senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester asked ESPN to allow broader TV distribution of this weekend's Montana State and University of Montana playoff games. ESPN complied yesterday, sort of....we'll have to purchase a sports package for around $24 to see the games. I call B.S.!

ESPN announced yesterday that it will make all 8 games of the December 3rd NCAA Division I Football Championship playoffs available on cable and satellite nationwide through ESPN GamePlan. Oh there's just one thing, you need to contact ESPN to order GamePlan for a suggested retail price of $24.60.

Baucus said yesterday, "I'm thrilled ESPN understands this is the right thing for Montana, and am proud of all the Montanans who came together in support of our Montana teams." I'm proud of all the pride and support too, just not that thrilled with the resolution. I don't think this was the right thing to do at all. Montana residents didn't have to pay to watch Montana State play in the playoffs last year. Why should we pay to support our team once they reach the post-season? It's just ridiculous to me. What do you think?