Facebook can be a positive, powerful tool. An innocent 5-yr-old girl in Salt Lake City is fighting for her life because Type 1 Diabetes was left undiagnosed for too long. Her family created a Facebook page to share her journey and educate others. A simple blood sample could have avoided all the agony this family is going through. I had to share this story as it hits close to home. My wife, fortunately, did not face such dangerous consequences when she was diagnosed at the age of 19, but had a scare after not being diagnosed immediately.

I urge everyone to read Kycie Terry's story. My wife had a similar experience when she first found out at the age of 19 that she had Type 1 Diabetes. Out of nowhere she grew tired, had no energy and although she  was eating more, she was losing lots of weight. Her parents feared she was anorexic and although she saw a doctor, no answer remained until she eventually went into Ketoacidosis. A trip to the Emergency Room revealed the Diabetes diagnosis. My wife's story could have easily turned tragic as Kycie's did. This little girl is now in my thoughts as I pray to a higher power for a full recovery. I hope her story educates someone out there about this disease and can serve to save a life.

The Kisses for Kycie Facebook page is followed by 26,000 people in 45 different countries.