I was hesitant to share this because I do feel bad for the lady who's fat arm created the optical illusion that her friend behind her is naked, but it's just too cool (and dare I say funny?) Hey who doesn't like a good optical illusion? I had to stare hard at this for a little while before I saw the woman's arm (rather than a naked body). Amazing!

The tantalizing folds and lumps in this lady's arm creates the illusion of  a naked body for the friend who is posing behind her. The sleeveless shirt worn by the friend completes the trick. Just stare.

This picture has been circulating around the internet lately and I feel bad for this woman but maybe this will inspire her to lose weight? She will one day soon pose for the same picture with her sleeveless wearing friend and give us no optical illusion whatsoever? That will again thrust her in the spotlight and make her a beloved inspiration? I've created that scenario in my head to justify sharing this photo. Hey, I could be helping this woman.